Make your AC smart and simple

Use the App to control your home from anywhere. Or simply ask Alexa or Google Home.

How it works

Save On Energy

Phone App


Easy Setup

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Phone App

Control your AC from your phone anywhere using our intuitive App. Gidbo supports Iphone and Android.


Make sure your AC is only running when someone is home. Gidbo uses your phone to know when your family is away and saves on energy.

Voice control

Gidbo is compatible with Google Home and Alexa, so you don't even need to open the app to control your AC units: "Alexa, cool the living room to 75!"

Weekly Schedule

Customize the temperature of your home to match your schedule any day or time of the week.

Multi users

Share your house settings with your family. Each member can control the room they like. Geolocation feature only turns off the AC when no one is home.

Software Update

Gidbo gets free software updates. New AC units or new integation technology can be supported soon.