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Does Gidbo work with heat pump / heating unit ?

Yes, Gidbo can control both cooling and heating mode.


What WiFi does Gidbo need ?

Gidbo needs to connect to a 2.4GHz WiFi network. 5GHz network will not work. Any login page in browser is not supported.


Where is the best location for installing Gidbo ?

We recommend mounting it on a wall underneath the AC unit. This is the best way to ensure a strong signal is being sent to the AC.

Putting in on a shelf or table will also work, however, make sure the device can not be easily moved and there are no objects blocking the signal path to the AC unit.


Do I need tools to install Gidbo ?

No. Gidbo mounts onto a wall with double tape that is provided. Installation takes only a few minutes.


What is Eco-mode?

Eco mode guarantees that the temperature stays in a range by setting a minimum and maximum temperature (minimum temperature is only active if your AC unit offers Heating mode). While the temperature is in the range, the AC unit is off, it switches on when temperature gets out of range. This is a great tool to save money on your electricity bill. 


What is Geolocation?

When the geolocation function is activated, the app checks your location and sets your AC to eco-mode when you are away from the home.

Turn on geolocation with the Gidbo App Select the room > Settings > Enable Geolocation.  

Note: If you share a house with other people eco-mode will only be activated when all household members are away. 


What is the continuous control ?

Some AC units do not turn off when desired temperature is reached, they continue blowing air. In continuous mode, Gidbo uses its temperature sensor to turn off the AC when it has reached the desired temperature. Gidbo will turn it on again when necessary.

To enable or disable the continuous mode from the menu, select My Rooms > select a room > edit  > enable continuous mode.


What is Energy saving mode ?

Some brands only have energy saving mode available. In this mode, the unit fan stops when the desired temperature is reached as opposed to regular cooling mode where the fan is always running. Gidbo can either use the energy saving mode of your AC unit or manage it: select continuous control in the settings of the room.


Can I use the same account for all family members ?

you can very much share you account details and connect on different phones to the same account. It is recommended though to use a different account for every family members and share the house with the App.

From the menu, go to my houses > select a house > edit house > add guest.

It is important if you are using the geolocation feature: Gidbo needs to know if there is at least one family member at home and needs to track all family members.


Do I need to open the App for geolocation to work ?

No. Iphones and android phones check your location even if your app is not opened. You need for that to allow the app to access location (make sure to select "always' for iphones - "not while using the App")


I can not add Gidbo to my WiFi network

Gidbo only accepts a 2.4GHz network. If you are using a 5GHz network it can not work. Most recent network supports both bandwidth, you will need to authorize the 2.4GHz frequency and configure the network.

Make sure you properly enter the password of your network.

Make sure you clicked the button on the Gidbo device as specified by the app prior setting up the WiFi details.


Gidbo is blinking slowly

This means your device is not connected to the WiFi. Make sure the WiFi signal is sufficient when you choose the location of your Gidbo device.

You can set-up the WiFi using the Gidbo app in Device Settings > WiFi Settings.


Gidbo is blinking fast

This means your device is waiting to detect a remote control.

Activate your AC remote control by a clicking a few buttons. Gidbo will stop blinking when the remote control is recognized.


My remote control is not recognized

It is possible that some remote control models are not recognized. If this is the case, Gidbo will send information about your remote control to the IT support team and your system will be added. This process usually takes up to 48 hours. Gidbo will keep you updated by email. 


My remote control does not have a LCD screen to display the temperature, mode, fan speed...

Gidbo does work with this type of AC remotes but it needs to be manually set up  at the start to make sure that Gidbo recognizes the state of your AC. You will see a synchronize button in the App for that effect.


Gidbo only works with WiFi but not with cellular data

You need to authorize the Gidbo app to access your cellular data. 


My AC system does not support heating mode

Gidbo supports many different AC units, even those that offer both heating and cooling functions. If the app offers heating mode and your AC does not offer it you can remove the option in the room settings.


Heating mode does not show in the app

By default, the heating mode is not active when you install Gidbo. If your unit offers heating you, you can enable it in the room setting


My AC does not respond to the Gidbo App

Check to make sure your Gidbo device is properly plugged in and close to your AC.

Gidbo needs to send infrared commands to your AC and it should not be obstructed by any object or furniture.


How do I add family members to access Gidbo ?

A house in the App can be shared with other family members:

Each family memeber needs to install the app and creat a login

In Gidbo App go to My Houses > Select a House > House Settings > Add Guest.

(you must use the email used for the account)


The App displays the message "disconnected" for my controller:

You device connection is not working. The first thing is to check that you controller internet connexion: in case of issue, Gidbo is blinking slowly. Make sure you WiFi network is working well at this location. You can configure WiFi in edit device > Wifi settings


Gidbo sends a different temperature than displayed in the App

You must have selected continous control. To make sure the desired temperature is reached a temperature 2C lower is sent when cooling and 2C higher when heating


Gidbo is switching off the AC from the time to time

You most likely have selected the continuous control. Gidbo uses its own thermostat to switch off the AC unit when the desired temperature is reached. If your AC cans top on its own or sometimes called "auto fan" function, you can disable the continuous mode in edit device, enable continuous mode.


Gidbo switched off the AC on its own

You may have a schedule turning off your Ac, check your schedule and eventually change it

You have selected continuous control: Gidbo then turns off the AC every time the desired temperature is reached. If you prefer to let your Ac manage it, turn off this feature in the room settings


In the App, a room displays different color in background, sometime a bright blue, sometimes a darker blue.

It means in any case that the AC is in cool mode. Gidbo displays the most likely state of the AC by checking the room temperature: bright blue means that the AC unit is most likely running. Dark blue means that the AC is still in cool mode but most likely stops because the temperature is cool enough. If your AC unit does not stop when desired temperature is reached, select continuous mode is edit device, enable continuous mode.


Geolocation is not working

Make sure you set up a proper address for the house.

Make sure you enabled the app to access your location: for iphone allow the app to "Always" access location or the geolocation feature will only worh when the app is open


The temperature measured by Gidbo is not accurate

Make sure that Gidbo is not placed above a radiator or exposed to direct sun.

When connecting Gidbo for the first time, the temerature may take a few minutes to adjust.